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We offer two series of instructional videos: one 12-video series on kizomba technique, and another 6-video series on kizomba styling and body movement. You can find previews as well as brief descriptions about each video below.

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Kizomba Technique Junkies

Kizomba Technique Junkies Syllabus
Video Lesson TitleLengthTopics
Module 1: Technique Foundations
Lesson 1. Body Movement17:49Standing, posture, weight changes, stepping, momentum, aesthetic
Lesson 2. Connection: Leading and Following30:05Role responsibilities, arm and hand hold, leading and following technique for weight changes, steps, marqua, shuffle, and turns
Lesson 3. Intro to Musicality10:06Understanding song structure, varyingyour dance according to the music
Lesson 4. Floorcraft6:00Varying your lines and shapes, managing your space and
Module 2: Technique Essentials
Lesson 5. Saida Technique12:58Men’s saida and ladies’ saida, leading and following from contrabody or arms, ideas for comfort and style
Lesson 6. Pivot Technique25:56Solo and partnered exercises for pivots,ideas for placement to vary moves, different shapes from pivots, one-footed (tango-style) pivots
Lesson 7. Tempo Changes18:31Slow motion exercises and ideas for varying moves, syncopation & acceleration exercises and the key to leading/following them effortlessly, several examples of syncopated moves
Lesson 8. Dips & Balance Positions18:47Strength, balance, and safety exercises; solid leading and following; examples of lunges, leans, and dips
Module 3: Dissociation
Lesson 9. Stopping18:44Stopping together and individually, stopmotion, variations with leaders stopping, variations with followers stopping
Lesson 10. Leg/Foot Slides12:32Leading and following technique with specific examples of how to place them
Lesson 11. Footwork Variations21:18Footwork possibilities for leaders alone in a variety of positions, footwork and styling for followers alone, and examples of joint footwork
Bonus Video: Musicality & Creativity9:14Ten ideas for exploring creative and musical possibilities using the moves you already know!

Kizomba Styling and Body Movement

For each movement, ideas are given about in which steps we can use them. While the videos were created primarily with followers in mind, leaders will also benefit from learning these essential movements. Leading movement with your whole body is both sensual and comfortable. Particular attention to leaders’ interests is given in the videos on undulations, quadradinha, and walk with ginga. For followers, there are tips on how to recognize leads that invite a bit of extra styling.

Video TitleDescription
Undulation, part 1The characteristic wave-like movement of the body in kizomba. Expressing rhythm in your whole body. A detailed breakdown of technique, range of movement, and control.
Undulation, part 2Putting undulations into a variety of typical kizomba steps.Changing the undulation to fit the tempo and feeling of the music. How to be expressive while respecting your dance partner.
Hip CircleA nearly-circular hip styling that is used to finish certain steps or may be led on its own. Details on increasing your range of movement, maintaining control, and fitting it into your normal partner dance.
BumpThe movement that sets experienced kizomba dancers apart from the rest, and where it can be used. Different ways of visualizing the movement so as to best put it into your body, and ways to increase your range of movement to really get the look right.
Hip SwingThe movement that eliminates any feeling of awkwardness in forward-and-back steps. Learn to move with comfort, grace, and elegance.
QuadradinhaA staccato movement that involves hitting four points with your hips. Tips and technique for getting a sharp, strong hit.
Walk with GingaA traditional African style put into a particular walking and rocking set of steps in kizomba. Layered instruction to help you feel confident with steps, direction, dynamic levels, and body movement.
Saida StylingDifferent ways to style your saida. Ideas of when certain styles may be more appropriate or fit with the music. How to have beautiful lines while maintaining control of your weight and staying responsive to the lead.

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