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So You Want a Self-Employment Visa in Germany

The first time I came to Germany as an adult was for a blues dance festival: the 2013 American Blues Classic in Hamburg, Germany. I had an amazing weekend. I got hosted through Couchsurfing and my hosts were amazing. I got to see the sights, eat delicious home-cooked food and go to an awesome house party in addition to enjoying the blues festival. I remember commenting to friends, “I really feel like I could live here!”

That weekend I also met another dance teacher who was living in Germany. I asked him a bunch of questions about how he had managed to to get a self-employment visa. I went online and did some more research. I filed this all away for later use.

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Get a postcard from Germany!

Kizomba Community’s headquarters is moving to Germany. To celebrate the move, we are offering a new reward through the end of the year: contribute $7 to the site and Rachel Cassandra will send you a hand-written, personalized postcard from Stuttgart! Want it to be sent to a friend or family member? Just provide the appropriate name and address.

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