Sexism and Gender Dynamics

Sexism in the Dance Scene

Sexism: Is It an Issue in Social Dance?
Subconscious Sexism: 9 Ways Our Dance Scene is Sexist and We Don’t Even Know It
“So You Want to Be a Man?” On Gendered Language in Dance
Why Men Don’t Understand Sexism in Partner Dancing
Losing a Love: Sexism is Pushing Me Away from Dancing
Your Follow Is Not Fragile

Dancing and Gender Identity

Dancing Identity: An ethnographic study of the influence of Afro Latin social dances on the gender and sexual identity of dancers in the Netherlands and Guatemala
Salsa Transcends Traditional Gender Roles
Caribbean Male Dancers: Redefining Masculinity
Dancing with Gender Norms
Ballroom Dancing and Traditional Gender Roles
Alternatives to Traditional Gender Roles in Tango

Tools for Inclusivity

Inclusive Language for Dance Classes
Inclusive Teaching Techniques for Partner Dancing

Role-Switching and Ambi-dancing

6 Reasons to Do a Role Reversal
Changing Roles: Reflections on Leading and Following
When Women Lead: Changing Gender Roles in New York Salsa
‘Ladies, Just Follow His Lead!’ Salsa, Gender and Identity
Liquid Leading Dancing: A Conversation on Fluid Lead/Follow Gender Roles
Liquid Leading, or Switch Dancing
The Ambidancetrous Scene in Yale
The Ambidancetrous Tumblr
The Ambidancers Facebook Group
20 Things I Learned from Role Reversal

Same-Sex Dancing

Can Two Women (Or Men) ‘Dance’ Together?
Same Sex Social Dancing in the Jazz Age
North American Same Sex Partner Dancing Association
European Same Sex Dancing Association

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