Consent & Safety

What is Consent?

Consent Defined
Consent Culture
Consent Compared to a Cup of Tea
Consent 101
Learning Good Consent

Consent in the Social Dance Scene

Consent Compared to Having Your Foot Stepped On
What to Do When You’re Uncomfortable
Defensive Dancing
A Plea for Verbal Communication
Why Are We Uncomfortable with Safety?

Creating Safe(r) Spaces

Safer Dance
How to Teach Consent Starting Now (Lesson 1)
How to Teach Consent (Lesson 2)
Theory of Change
The Dancer’s Bill of Rights and Obligations
Community Culture & Safety Toolkit
Downloadable Literature from ACSS
Dealing with an Incident
Safe Spaces Are Deliberately Designed
The Safety Dance Facebook Group
Socially Awkward Isn’t An Excuse
On Safe Spaces
A Conversation on Creating Safer Swing Dance Spaces
Handling Food Allergies in the Dance Scene
More Resources

Creating a Code of Conduct / Safety Policy

Resources from Safety Dance
How to Write a Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Questionnaire
Implementing Your Code of Conduct

Examples of Codes of Conduct / Safety Policies

Fusion Exchange Code of Conduct
Etiquette for Blues Dance NY
Sydney Blues Code of Conduct
Capital Blues Safe Space Policy
It’s Not U It’s Me Safer Spaces Policy

Consent and Photography

Group Recording and Consent
Photography at Dance Events

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