Communication & Etiquette

Dance Etiquette

Kizomba Dance Etiquette
6 Simple Steps to Not Being an Awful Person on the Dance Floor
How to Level Up Your Social Dance Experience
Kizomba DON’Ts: 7 Rules for Not Being Terrible (part 1)
Kizomba DON’Ts: 7 Rules for Not Being Terrible (part 2)
The difference between ‘Floor Teaching’, ‘Asks’ and ‘Co-operative Learning’
Etiquette for Blues Dance NY
Hepcat Swing Dance Etiquette

Handling Invitations and Rejections

What It Means When They Say No
Are You Obligated to Say Yes to Every Dance?
When Someone Says No to a Dance
How Not to Get Turned Down For a Dance
Top 10 Ways to Know They Do Want to Dance
How Many Times Should You Ask for a Dance?
Do I Need to Dance with Everybody?
Dear Beginner, This Is Why They Told You No

Nonverbal Communication

The (Mostly) Complete Guide to Dance Body Language ‘Hints’

How Not to be Creepy

On Creepiness
Don’t Be a Creeper
The Feminist Guide to Non-Creepy Flighting

Social Dancing and Romance or Sex

Dance Crushes
The Dance Crush
Falling in Love on the Dance Floor
10 Signs You Have a Salsa Crush
The Dance Trap: Sensing Feelings that Aren’t There
Love & Swing: To Meet Boys

Boundary Setting on the Dance Floor

Boundary Setting 101
Being Kind vs Being Assertive
What to Do When You’re Uncomfortable
Defensive Dancing
Defensive Dancing in Salsa
Good Intentions…?
To Leave or Not to Leave: Ending a Dance Before the End of a Song

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