Kizomba Workshop Topics


The Heart of Kizomba
So you’ve figured out that there’s something else out there besides zumba – now what? Learn the four basic steps that are all you need to dance an entire evening of kizomba. We’ll also discover how to create a safe, intimate connection with our partners. Get ready to dance the night away!


Take a Moment
Kizomba is traditionally danced in packed-out backyards, basements, clubs, and other tight quarters. You don’t need to cover a lot of ground to create a beautiful moment with your partner. Incorporate a few direction changes, a level change and maybe a dip along with your basics and you’ll be set. Let’s get lost in the music!

Sensual Kizomba
Kizomba comes in many flavors these days, but nearly every song has a part where it drops to a smooth, simple sound. This is the time to focus on connection and play with body movement. We’ll explore a few of the isolations and controlled transitions that make sense in these breaks. We’ll start out working separately, gradually incorporating the movement into our partnerwork. Have you heard of kizomba’s sexier little cousin, tarraxinha? We’ll check out some ideas for blending tarraxinha movements into these sensual moments of kizomba, including how leaders can get the hands right, followers can play with pelvis movement, and we can maintain a safe but intimate connection.

Playful Kizomba
Kizomba is all about the connection between you and your partner, and how you feel the music together. We often think of the sensual aspect of kizomba, but there are many times the music invites us to have fun! We’ll try out a few ways to be playful and musical together.


Leading and Following Technique Intensive
Kizomba is about so much more than steps. What we look for is an amazing close connection, an effortless communication, a beautiful partnership. Come learn how to achieve that flow with your partner. We’ll get into the details of leading with confidence and clarity as well as following with lightness and energy. We’ll also discover how to create a safe, intimate connection with our partners.


Saida, Sortie, Exit
You’ve heard it called different things, but this is definitely the trademark of kizomba. We’ll navigate the difference between outside partner steps and exiting in kizomba. By the end of class you’ll have mastered the men’s and ladies’ saida, with some takeaways for variations in footwork and styling as well.

Saida Variations
Saida is one of the most popular steps of kizomba, which means it’s everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some options for its execution? We’ll look at some fun footwork and styling options for both men’s and ladies’ saidas. Get ready to switch it up!

About Face! Fun with Pivots
So many of the effortless moves you’ve admired in modern kizomba are based in perfect pivot technique. Get the movement, leading and following figured out, then learn a few steps that depend on them. You’ll be gliding on the floor in no time!

Dancing Hip to Hip
We’re used to dancing lined up, or on each other’s right sides for men’s and ladies’ exits. Come discover the technique for dancing on your partner’s other side and how to exploit that technique to do a whole variety of moves. Start switching it up!

Transitions: Changing Positions and Directions
Ever feel like you’re stuck in linear motion? We’ll explore different ways of moving into open or promenade position as well as many ways of resuming exit or closed position. Have fun with moving in and out subtly or opening & closing with panache. Never feel stuck again!

Dynamic Tempo Changes
In this class, technique and musicality are at the forefront. Come discover how to move smoothly with your partner through those stretched-out moments of melody. Extend a moment fluidly without getting stuck. Achieve syncopations while staying relaxed and enjoying a comfortable connection. We’ll play with dynamic accelerations, slow melts, and freezes.

Foot slides, leg lifts, and other tricks
Two people moving as one is magical, but learning to use dissociation opens up a world of possibilities in your dancing. This is not your typical class with a few choreographed moves that fail more often than not on the social floor. We’ll dig deep into the technique for creating dissociation, making use of different points of connection, and then adding the visual elements that make these moves so memorable and appealing. Armed with the right technique, soon you’ll be creating your own tricks!


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The Wonders of Dissociation
Much of the time in kizomba, your partner does what you do, as a mirror image. We’ll explore ways to multiply your possibilities of expression through dissociation. For leaders, how to clearly guide the follower when you feet or legs or body are doing something different from hers. For followers, how to pay attention to different points of connection, understand weight shifts that are led in dissociation, and even a chance to add your own flair in that space.

Playing with Textures
As we go about our daily lives, we don’t give much thought to how we get around – our feet just carry us. When we enter the world of dance, we learn to pay attention to weight changes and the way we step. This class will take you beyond that to considering the spectrum of possibilities that exist for steps and weight changes, including syncopated steps, touch steps, taps, pivots, and more. We’ll try out several kizomba moves that encourage us to play with dynamic weight changes. Come transform the texture of your dance!

Hack the Dance – Empowering Followers
Followers: Ever feel limited by your leader? Do you listen to the music and long for someone to guide you through a masterful movement interpretation? Remember that you are not just an extension of a leader’s will, but a dancer in your own right! We’ll explore a few levels of hacking the dance – ways of modifying steps subtly, variation options that add flavor without disrupting, and even possibilities for offering nonverbal suggestions or inspiration to your leader, inviting them to listen to the music as you do.
Leaders: Come learn the subtle art of listening while leading. Discover how to leave space for your follower, accept suggestions, as well as veto with grace.


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Intro to Afro House
Afro House takes the energy level through the roof! We’re going to learn some awesome moves and isolations so you can get your solo groove on when the African beats play. Get ready to let loose the fun at the next party!

Intro to Semba
Tired of being left out when the music turns upbeat? Discover the dance that fathered kizomba, full of playful interaction and chances to show your creativity. Don’t worry, we’ll start simple and have you showing off in no time.

Fun Semba Moves
Semba is all about having fun with your partner. In this class we’ll take a look at some moves that will leave you and your partner grinning at each other.

Speedy Semba
Sometimes the tempo can really get pushed high in semba. Do fast beats set your heart racing? In this class we’ll look at how to speed up without freaking out. Keep your lead and follow clear without getting tense. We’ll check out some variations that bring the “WHEE!” feeling to quick footwork.

Make no mistake, this is a dance to do with someone you want to get very close to. We’ll start by getting comfortable with the particular hold of tarraxinha, with some tips on how to keep it clean – or not! For leads, we’ll play around with leading on-the-spot movement. For follows, we’ll check out both how to defend yourself politely in the event of unwanted intimacy as well as how to up the sensuality with confidence. You’ll leave ready to take on that “little screw.”


Kizomba Body Movement
You’ve seen the videos. You crave that movement that has been described as “creamy,” “gooey,” and “sensual.” We’ll explore a few of the isolations and controlled transitions that are the hallmark of kizomba. We’ll start out working separately, gradually incorporating the movement into our normal kizomba steps. Then we’ll come together with our partners to discover how we can layer styling in without interfering without partners, as well as how to lead and follow styling suggestions.

I Love the Way You Move!
Ask around about who people love dancing with, and you’ll quickly discover – it’s not so much about WHAT they do as it is HOW they do it. In just a couple of hours, we’ll explore the movement signatures of every style you need for a kizomba social: semba, kizomba, tarraxinha, and urban kizomba. Body movement, connection, holds, stepping, lead, follow, and so much more – come get it all sorted out not just in your head but in your body!

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Ginga Across Styles – Semba, Kizomba, Tarraxinha
Ginga is not just ladies styling – it is everything captivating about the way a woman moves. With attention to the stylistic differences of semba, kizomba, and tarraxinha, we will consider how to make our steps seamless, how to vary and communicate our energy, and how to use specific movements to make our dance entrancing.

Kizomba Ladies’ Styling (Men Invited)
Styling in kizomba is integral to our dance, not something we do separately somewhere in the middle. It is movement that shows our interpretation of what we hear and feel in the music. Learning styling also helps us recognize or execute certain leads – leading movement with your whole body is both sensual and comfortable. For each movement we explore, ideas will be given about in which steps we can use them, as well as how leads might invite us to use them. We’ll also discuss how to extend our range of movement safely and how to be expressive without being obstructive. Bring out that ginga!
*class not limited to ladies, but no spectators will be allowed

Taking Ginga to the Next Level
Ginga should permeate our dancing, affecting every step we take in kizomba. Get ready to discover a huge range of isolations, transitions, and embellishments that will help you make each move your own. Smooth or staccato, swift or slow, you’ll exude confidence after this class!