Fusion Dancing Workshop Topics

Explore the intersection of kizomba and blues dancing!

Kizomba My Blues
Kizomba is an African dance that has grown internationally in the last 20 years. Its close embrace and African rhythms lend themselves to crossover in blues. We’ll explore the safe, relaxed intimacy of kizomba connection, then learn a few sweet moves you can steal to use on the blues floor.

Steal that Style: Kizomba Body Movement
You’ve seen the videos. You crave that movement that has been described as “creamy,” “gooey,” and “sensual.” We’ll explore a few of the isolations and controlled transitions that are the hallmark of kizomba, working first individually and then discovering how to incorporate them for solo style as well as in micro-leads.

Steal that Style: Kizomba Leg & Foot Tricks
Two people moving as one is magical, but learning to use alternative connection points and dissociation will open up a world of possibilities in your dancing. We’ll start with simple pivots and then experiment with manipulating our steps to build into slides, lifts, and catches!

Steal that Style: Kizomba Styling for Followers
We all know that it isn’t what you do – it’s the way that you do it. Styling is movement that allows follows to show our interpretation of what we hear and feel in the music. And let’s face it: it not only feels glorious, it makes us look masterful in our sensuality. We’ll explore several isolations showcased in kizomba, looking at how to extend our range of movement safely as well as how to move in a fluid, controlled fashion. Finally, we’ll dance to some different genres of music, seeing how we can shift and adjust our movement to fit what we hear and feel musically.