Finding a Community

Kizomba Community originally got started as a way to help dancers get connected to kizomba all around the world. In the early days, we were able to list all ongoing kizomba classes and events happening regularly. Then we moved to listing kizomba “ambassadors”, basically a set of contact information for teachers, organizers, or enthusiasts in various cities that people could use to find out about kizomba there. However, this information was very dynamic, as people moved around and organizations came and went.

Since this website is no longer being updated actively, we now offer you a list of Facebook groups, Meetup groups, websites, and so on. While some may become inactive, we hope this will help serve as a jumping off point in your search for kizomba near you. If you’d like to request an addition or change, please contact us.

The listings are organized by geographic region. That way you can see what scenes may be reasonably close to where you are interested in finding kizomba. If you are looking for one country or city in particular, go to the relevant regional page and then use your browser’s search function (Windows shortcut: Control + F, Apple shortcut: Command + F).


Australia and New Zealand



United States