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Updated Event Views: Cities and Dates!

To make your browsing experience a little more streamlined, we’ve made a little change. Now you’ll see city and dates for every event! That way, when you’re looking for a kizomba/semba weekend that suits your travel dates or is near your family, you can compare your options a little more quickly.

Spring cleaning…hello summer! has finished its spring cleaning at last- only a little bit late! If you take a look around the site you’ll notice a few changes, meant to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We’ve fixed the image sizes to be uniform for all category views. We’ve made a new “blog” tab, so you can see more than just the most recent updates. We’ve removed past events, as well as socials and classes that have been discontinued. And of course, we’ve reached out to still more teachers and organizers to keep bringing you all the latest information about where to dance kizomba and semba in the USA!

So, ready for a little summer vacation? Check out the events coming up in July and August and start planning your trip!

New Web Series!

We’d like to help you get to know the amazing people working hard to teach kizomba and organize events for you here in the USA. So, we’ve launched a web series to bring you face to face with them! Each video will have a short dance clip followed by a Q&A session with Rachel Cassandra.

Our first installment introduces you to Florian Tep. Check it out!

Image Size Problems – Resolved!

You may have noticed that our lovely category views have become a bit messy, with images now displaying at several different sizes. We’ve been hard at work on a fix for the last week and have finally found one, but it will take a bit of time to get it fully implemented. In the meantime, all the information you need is still here, just not quite so pretty as we’d like!

All the events have been fixed. Individual communities are now internally consistent; our next update will make them uniform across the board.

Regions in the Menu

Well the growth continues. We’ve contacted a few dozen more instructors, organizers and groups. We added Austin, Flagstaff, and Phoenix today, and that made our “Communities” menu list a bit too long to read comfortably. So, we’ve introduced a region tier to help facilitate your finding what you’re looking for. Remember to keep checking back as we add more content!

Recommend new communities!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve added Sacramento, CA; Virginia Beach, VA; and Nashville, TN – none of which we were previously aware even had kizomba. Let us know if there’s kizomba happening somewhere near you, and who we can get in touch with about it!

How do I find stuff?

Now that we’ve got a fair number of events and cities up here, how can you find what you’re looking for? First, check out the menu at the top of the page. We’ve divided things into “Events in the USA” for one-time or annual events, and “Communities” to help you find regularly occurring events. Then you can choose a city and even some more detailed options to find what you’re looking for! You can also use the search bar in the upper right hand corner.

Hello New York!

With all the data together in one place, you can really see that New York City is a happening place for kizomba. We’ve got classes at least four nights a week and socials five nights a week (if alternating). Rochester’s classes and socials are now listed as well. Let us know if we’ve missed anything!