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Kizomba Community retires

It’s been a decade since I started promoting and teaching people about kizomba. I was enthusiastic about fostering community, especially in places when kizomba was just emerging on the scene. Building Kizomba Community (as a website, a business, and a community) was a challenge, but also a real passion project.

I think the content from Kizomba Community’s website, especially the informational articles, blog posts, and interviews, are worth keeping available online, even if I’m not producing Kizomba-related content regularly anymore. Unfortunately I can’t justify continuing to pay the high costs for professional hosting with a custom domain.

So, I’ve migrated most of Kizomba Community’s content to this free WordPress website. I apologize for any broken links or missing images! I have fixed everything on the static pages, but the blog posts may take a bit longer.

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Get a postcard from Germany!

Kizomba Community’s headquarters is moving to Germany. To celebrate the move, we are offering a new reward through the end of the year: contribute $7 to the site and Rachel Cassandra will send you a hand-written, personalized postcard from Stuttgart! Want it to be sent to a friend or family member? Just provide the appropriate name and address.

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One Year Online!

It’s hard to specify an exact anniversary for Kizomba Community. Like with a relationship – one year since you met? Since your first date? Since your first kiss? Since you made it Facebook official?

One year ago today, we finished migrating to our new host under the domain We only had information about classes and events in a handful of cities, but the menus were live and we were ready to keep building.

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