Kizomba Community retires

It’s been a decade since I started promoting and teaching people about kizomba. I was enthusiastic about fostering community, especially in places when kizomba was just emerging on the scene. Building Kizomba Community (as a website, a business, and a community) was a challenge, but also a real passion project.

I think the content from Kizomba Community’s website, especially the informational articles, blog posts, and interviews, are worth keeping available online, even if I’m not producing Kizomba-related content regularly anymore. Unfortunately I can’t justify continuing to pay the high costs for professional hosting with a custom domain.

So, I’ve migrated most of Kizomba Community’s content to this free WordPress website. I apologize for any broken links or missing images! I have fixed everything on the static pages, but the blog posts may take a bit longer.

I won’t be updating the site regularly, but you can still:
+ Look for a kizomba community near you.
+ Learn about the history and evolution of kizomba dancing.
+ Explore resources for becoming excellent community members and for building better dance communities
+ Read a variety of blogs about kizomba.
+ Check out interviews with kizomba instructors and organizers.
+ Purchase instructional videos to learn kizomba technique and body movement at home – now at a deep discount!
Contact me with questions or suggestions.

I have also added articles I originally wrote for the now defunct online magazine Social Dance Community. I hope these resources will continue to serve the global kizomba community.

Best wishes and enjoy!
Rachel Cassandra