Ambassadors Feature Goes International! is all about helping people connect to kizomba. For a long time we provided an exhaustive posting of where and when kizomba classes and socials were occurring in the United States. Eventually kizomba became widespread enough that this was no longer feasible, or even necessary, as the communities became less and less isolated.

So in the last year we added the Kizomba Ambassador listing. Basically it’s a set of contact information for teachers, organizers, or enthusiasts in various cities that people can use if they want to find out about kizomba there. We also list all relevant Facebook groups, Meetup groups, websites, and so on. It’s been particularly helpful for people who don’t use Facebook.

Until today we have just provided information about groups and people in the USA, but we are now expanding the Ambassador feature internationally. Today we have published listings for Canada, Australia & New Zealand, and much of Asia.

We will continue to expand the listing in the months ahead. Our goal is to make it easy for people to get connected to kizomba at home and when they’re traveling, anywhere in the world. Would you like to be added to the Ambassadors feature? Have a good candidate in mind? Contact us!